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My team of 50 has used dozens of title companies over the years, and we greatly prefer the ones that provide an accurate online closing cost calculator–but only if they’re quick and easy to use, and TourKick’s have been the best by far for more than 8 years.

Scott, Regional VP of national mortgage company

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Your Closing Cost Calculator will help the public, your REALTORS®, and your mortgage lenders obtain accurate pricing for their home sale or purchase, net sheets, and Good Faith Estimates (GFEs). Even your own staff will use it over and over and over!

Providing customers with this self-service calculator saves your staff time, saving you money.

Your lender clients won’t have to get you on the phone during business hours, wait for you to type the details into your software as a temporary order, and tell them the results.

An online calculator avoids typo errors and is available all day each day of the year. Plus, it increases their satisfaction, and they can send you an order right from their Results page!


These closing cost calculators pretty much have it all. Here are some highlights:

  • Embed it practically anywhere:
    • on your existing website
    • Your favorite loan officer’s own website
    • Value-added benefit you can provide to all your REALTOR® clients, allowing them to embed it on their own sites
    • Works with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, Placester, and anywhere else a <script> tag can be added
    • Can be embedded on HTTPS (recommended) or HTTP sites
    • You can link to it from anywhere, including your social media sites and staff email signatures and business cards
    • Looks the same wherever it is embedded so your branding is always displayed
  • Works on any Internet-connected device. Fully responsive design (adapts to any screen width) to support phones, tablets, and computers
  • Well-designed:
    • Easy for potential clients to get the information they want very quickly
    • Clean and neutral design to look good wherever it’s embedded
    • Colors match your branding
    • Loads quickly
  • Able to preset the form fields:
    • Example: If there’s a page dedicated to Sellers (e.g., you could pre-select the “Seller” drop-down by default within your embed code, or even pre-fill the amount like type=seller and sales_price=175500
    • This is especially useful for REALTORS® because they could have a page with a bunch of information for each client type and display your calculator right alongside it.
  • Robust information:
    • Each time someone gets results from your calculator, they’re shown an option to send their order directly to you, including their contact information, quote results, and optionally the applicable property address (with County auto-detected) and anticipated closing date
    • You can also integrate each of these notifications with many apps, like Slack, email marketing platforms (e.g. Mailchimp), CRMs, Zapier, and webhooks (certain integrations may require an additional fee)
    • Calculator users can also choose to send their results to themselves and/or a friend (e.g. spouse, lender, REALTOR®). They can include a message like, “Here’s the quote from my favorite title company.”
  • Login for all the details:
    • When logged in, you can modify your calculator text and amounts, see how many calculations were performed this month, and see the full embed instructions
    • You can also access a database of all the submissions for historical purposes (e.g. in case an email didn’t get delivered). An export of these records is also available. Minimum data retention is 3 months, by which point you’ll likely have closed the file.

That was a bunch of stuff… Now you can really see your company having one of these!

We’re your #1 choice, and it’s easy to get started.

Plus, we’re always aiming to improve, including inviting your feedback and feature requests.


You can have the best for less than 1 closing a month, saving your employees’ time and making accurate quotes available 24/7/365.

Visit our Pricing page for specifics.


  • Is it secure?
    • Even though we’re not collecting sensitive information like SSNs, everything around here is SSL/HTTPS, and we follow best practices to the best of our abilities. Security and speed are high priorities.
  • Will publishing my fees hurt my business?
    • Other title companies already see your fees when you work with them; they already know your fees.
    • Your calculator can provide great value to your target market (the public, lenders, real estate brokers), which can grow your business.
    • Your title insurance fee table is not published; it is calculated dynamically.
  • What if this site goes down?
    • We have uptime monitoring to detect if anything goes down. If anything like this should ever happen, we’ll probably know about it (and have it resolved) before you start hearing about it from your regular users.
    • We’re quick to resolve any such issues and view this as an important part of your trusting us to serve your Online Closing Cost Calculator needs.
  • Which browsers are supported?
    • We use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. All of these technologies are years-old.
    • The latest versions of all the major browsers should work just fine: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Edge.
    • Mac, Windows, and Linux desktops and laptops — as well as Apple and Android mobile devices — should all work just fine.
    • If you or one of your calculator users has an old browser, your calculator will display an informative message saying so. If you don’t see such a message, you either do not have JavaScript enabled (and you’ll see a different message) or your browser is supported.
    • If you experience any oddities in a specific browser, please send us your report from the affected browser.
  • Is a native mobile app available?
    • If you want your own native app but do not yet have one, we would be happy to discuss such a project with you. Learn More
    • There are a few ways to get the calculator on your mobile device or computer without needing a native app built:
    • If you already have a native app built and want your Online Closing Cost Calculator integrated within it, this should be a low-lift for your app developer, and we can consult with them if needed.
  • What if it doesn’t get used?
    • What if it does?!
    • It will! Your staff will likely be the first users, allowing them to ditch your office’s Excel calculator (is this the latest version of it?). No more manually looking at the Title Insurance Rate Chart (whoops, another mistake) or having to enter a customer name into your computer system just to spit out an accurate quote and then having to purge these non-orders later.
    • If you decide it’s not for you long-term, it was a low-cost way to try it out compared to hiring a developer to custom code something similar. You can always turn it back on in the future without paying an additional setup fee (within 6 months of your first cancellation).
    • Like anything new, you’ll want to market it to your existing and new customers. This is one of the easiest ways to distinguish yourself technologically. Just do it.

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