Updated October 7, 2018

This site is owned and operated by TourKick LLC (“TourKick”). This is TourKick’s official contact information:

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Your use of this site constitutes your full acknowledgement of and agreement with TourKick’s terms (available at https://tourkick.com/terms/), the terms of the entities we provide service to (our clients, such as a title company), and the terms of the services we utilize (our vendors, such as Google Analytics).

If any of our terms here are in conflict with those at https://tourkick.com/terms/, this site’s terms take precedence while using this site.

TourKick reserves the right to update and change the these terms from time to time without advance notice. Each visit to this site constitutes an agreement to these terms.

Do not use this site if you do not fully agree to these terms.

All Site Users

You agree to only use this site in ways that comply with United States law.

Any data your device shares with this site (such as IP address) or that you enter into this site (such as submitting a quote form) may be used, stored, and/or shared by TourKick in accordance with these terms.

This site provides services to multiple entities. When you use one of the services we provide to a client, such as a closing cost calculator, we may share some or all of the information we collect with that client.

For example, if you use this site’s closing cost calculator for Title Company X:

  1. We track all website visits and quote submissions (but you didn’t yet provide us your name so we don’t have that information).
  2. Then you also send a copy of your calculation result to Title Company X (to easily ask them to confirm its accuracy for your specific situation, to get your order started, or to advise you how to proceed).
  3. Then we send your contact information to them so they can serve you as you’ve requested.
  4. However, if you send the calculation result only to a friend, not also to Company X, then we may choose not to automatically share the information collected with Company X, but we may still store record of your activity (that you sent to a friend and their email address).

Each of our clients have their own terms, and we display and link to them as they instruct us to. You agree we are not responsible for their handling of your data. If you are unsure of their terms in advance of using their parts of this site (e.g. their calculator), you should contact them directly before proceeding.

Please remember that when you use a link to go from our site to another site, our own terms do not take effect there. Your browsing and interaction on any other site, including those that have a link on our site, is subject to that site’s own rules and policies. Please read over those rules and policies before proceeding.

We reserve the right to sell some or all of this service’s assets, including but not limited to copyright, goodwill, its collected data, or the entire service.

All Clients

We reserve the right to purge some or all records periodically, at our sole discretion. We may do this on an occasional basis or regularly, such as purging all records older than 3 months. As a client, you are responsible for keeping a copy of any information we may send you, such as an email notification of a request for a quote.

All services are priced in United States Dollars (USD) and reflect payments made via one-time or recurring eCheck/ACH payments, which may require your signed authorization to initiate. If you want to pay via credit card or online wallet (e.g. PayPal), you agree to a price increase of 3%.

All services are billed monthly with the price subject to change. If your price increases, we will provide you at least 30 days advance notice in writing to one or more of the email addresses we have on file (e.g. this site’s user account or your billing details).

You agree any payment method setup with us is allowed to be charged for all amounts owed, such as setup fees, additional services, usage overages, or reimbursement of Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) we incur on your behalf.

You agree to immediately notify us if you suspect any site issues, such as emails not being received, this entire site not loading, your part of this site not loading as desired, or your embedding of this site not appearing as desired.

We do not issue refunds for any reason, including actual or perceived site outages, unless we choose to terminate your service while you have pre-paid time remaining. We reserve the right to terminate your services at any time for any reason and without any obligation to refund you for pre-paid time remaining unless valued at over $500, in which case we will issue you a prorated refund of prepaid time (proration determined solely by us) less $500.

If you want to cancel billing for some or all of our services for any reason or you need to change your payment method, you must inform us at least 15 calendar days in advance of your next billing date to our contact information listed on this page (submitting this site’s Contact Form is preferrable). If you do not receive confirmation within 7 calendar days that your request was received, it is your responsibility to attempt to contact us again at least 5 calendar days in advance of your next billing date.

If, in our sole discretion, we determine that we charged you incorrectly, we agree to refund you as we determine appropriate. In the event we charged you incorrectly, you agree our maximum liability to you toward any and all bank fees is $100 in total.

You agree none of our services are owned by you in any way. We retain full rights to all of our assets. You agree we have a contractor relationship and that neither party can obligate the other to anything on the other’s behalf. In the event another party brings legal action against us in regards to your services with us, you agree to indemnify us.

In the event of a sale to another entity, you may be required to agree to new terms and/or setup a new billing relationship to continue service.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We’re pretty friendly and appreciate your business!