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Let Us Show You Around

Check out all 3 videos:

  1. Seeing how your closing cost calculator would work
  2. What the calculator looks like when embedded at various sites
  3. A tour of the administration area, where you can modify your calculator fee names, fee amounts, verbiage, and more

Try It For Yourself

  • Direct link to our Demo calculator:
    • Although you’re welcome to use your own direct link whenever you need, you’d normally embed into your own site, instead.
    • Want to see the calculator’s embed instructions?
  • Example of a webpage that embeds the Demo calculator:Ā
    • Imagine this is the part of your site you put the embed code:
    • Notice how the calculator fits nicely into any dimensions and design
    • Works with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, Placester, and anywhere else a <script> tag can be added
    • Can be embedded on HTTPS (recommended) or HTTP sites
    • Looks the same wherever it is embedded so your branding is always displayed