We’re excited to get started on your new calculator!

To help your onboarding go quickly and smoothly, please provide the following at signup:

  • Your company logo — preferably in vector format (.ai or .eps), otherwise a large .png file — so ask your designer in advance
  • Your billing name and address
  • Your payment information (do not send us sensitive information via email):
    • We will send you an online form to submit your eCheck/ACH payment information.
    • If you require paying via card, we will send you that online form to submit your payment information, but paying via card will increase your price by 3%.
  • Your title fees for each combination of customer type and price point. Customer types include Seller, Cash Buyer, Buyer with Mortgage, and Refinance.
  • Your title insurance rates for all customer types and scenarios; we can handle both formulas and rate lookup charts (formulas are nicer, though). As you know, title insurance is applicable to all customer types other than Seller.
  • Your desired username to be able to login to this site. If you’re signing up for multiple calculators (e.g. one for each location), you may choose to have a separate login for each or a single login for all of them.
    • You’ll set your own password once we create your account. We recommend using a password manager like Keeper, as our site requires a strong password.
    • Your login will allow you to modify your fee names and amounts, modify disclaimer and other texts, and to see the embed code instructions and calculation statistics.
    • Do not share your login credentials with anyone who should not be allowed to edit your calculator’s details or see your calculator’s embed instructions, calculation statistics, or historical emails.
    • You’ll also need to setup Two Factor Authentication (2FA). This help article explains 2FA and lists common authentication apps (you probably already have an account with one).
  • And the best for last… Email!
    • The email address to where we should send all your calculator quotes! (And it’s also the “from” address.)
    • Some companies set up a dedicated mailbox, like calculator@example.com, that one or more people are assigned to monitor. This works well to share the workload or distribute the leads on rotation. It’s also the best setup if you plan to reply from your calculator@example.com email address (i.e. it is public-facing) because then all emails received and sent are in a single place that all staff with mailbox permissions can see.
    • Or you might create an email alias or rule so sending to calculator@example.com actually go directly to a specific person’s inbox (e.g. betty@example.com). This method might be a good choice if you don’t want staff to have to check a separate, dedicated inbox and there’s only one person that usually processes them.
    • Other companies choose to send leads directly to an individual’s email address (e.g. betty@example.com)
    • Discuss your strategy with your I.T. department, and verify your selected email address works before you start getting quotes sent to it.
  • Your “To” address (e.g. [email protected]) will also be your “From” address so it is public-facing.
    • If you need the To and From to be different, we’re currently not setup this way but could make the necessary changes.
    • To properly setup your From address, you will need to add both a DKIM record and a Return-Path record to your domain’s DNS settings. If you give us a login to manage your DNS, we can add this for you, or we can provide you the instructions specific to your domain so you can add this yourself. Once added, do not remove these DNS records.
    • Until you properly add these DNS records, your calculator will not be able to send results — Submit Order, Send to Self, or Send to a Friend.
    • Although technically possible for us to send from our own email domains, we want your calculator branded to you and for your domain to grow in reputation (the more it’s not used for spam, the more positive reputation a domain gets) — most importantly that customers identify the email as coming from you so they feel safe opening it and replying to it if they choose to.
    • Once setup, we can check your emails have high scores at https://www.mail-tester.com/ and/or https://spamcheck.postmarkapp.com/ so your emails can be expected to have high deliverability.
  • We don’t send you a lot of emails, but, to ensure a high deliverability rate, please ask your I.T. company to “allow-list (i.e. always allow) the www.closingcosts.app and tourkick.com domains”.


Some customers inquire about establishing a CNAME to www.closingcosts.app in order to share a direct link to our direct calculator rather than your own page that embeds our direct link.

With our current setup, this is only possible if we manage your nameservers in our own Cloudflare account. We can do this, usually at no charge, but most customers decide they do not need to CNAME us.

Contact us if you want to discuss this topic further.

When will it be ready?

Your calculator typically takes 2–6 weeks to get up and running. This is most often delayed by your incomplete instructions, so being thorough from the start will help us help you! Reference the Pricing page for fees that may be charged if you provide significantly inaccurate instructions.

Once your calculator is initially built, have your most experienced and detail-oriented closer run through all potential scenarios, looking for calculation or wording errors. Allow at least a week for back-and-forth.

Once that round of testing is completed, introduce the calculator to all of your closers and other staff, allowing a week of internal testing and familiarization. Have them get familiar with it and confirm its ease-of-use on each of their various devices. They should also report any suspected errors.

Next, have a launch party! Tell all your favorite loan officers, REALTORS®, and repeat customers (e.g. investors) about this great new tool. They can use it any time of day, any day of the year.

And feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions or feature requests.